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Sustainable Boiling for KM livinglab

geplaatst op 9 maart 18, 10:32 uur, door WeTheCity

The next Boiling is coming up on March 29th @Zoku Amsterdam and will need your vote to realize a more sustainable and greener Knowledge Mile. On the Wibaut- and Weesperstraat we'd like to arise the most innovative park of the city.

Boiling makes crowdfunding simpler and faster than ever. At this Boiling Pitch Night, four impatient creative city makers present their ideas. You pay €10 - a 100% donation to the winning idea - this gives you entrance to the event, a nice boiling hot soup, and most importantly voting rights: all visitors get to vote on which idea is best and together they decide who wins and get’s to execute their idea quickly.


- Project XXX-by Let, form Let's Salsa, she presents a hot sauce that’ll green up the Knowledge Mile.
- OOPOEH - by Meike, connecting the elderly to young dogs to reduce loneliness.
- Le Compostier - by Rowin Snijder thanks to his Worm Hotels the Knowledge Mile will get rich soil!
- KAROLIEN - by Moving Arts Project. She’s essential at parties, ‘cause she provides (green) power!


1. Visitors donate €10, buy your tickets here for €10 which is a full donation and includes a meal
2. Four city makers pitch their idea
3. All visitors vote
4. The initiative with the most votes gets the collected sum, doubled by Boiling partners Knowledge Mile and Municipality of Amsterdam
5. At the next Boiling the winning city maker shows what he or she has done with the money


More info about Boiling and Knowledge Mile Park: Boiling FB-page and Knowledge Mile Park (in Dutch).