We The People shows the city as a shared canvas that can be colored by us all, together.
- We the People, We the City -

Way of working
In short, I like to color the city with fresh concepts and tackle urban challenges by implementing creative solutions. In my work I strongly believe in the following 10 principles:

  1. know that a city (and it's public space) is a process and therefor never finished
  2. take the human scale as a starting point
  3. make a harvest map of the excisting potential (human and material)
  4. tell stories to engage people beyond the rational
  5. collaborate by creating an invitational space (in which people can add value)
  6. learn by doing (observe and listen)
  7. use urban acupuncture (small-scale interventions that unleash energy)
  8. follow the idea of Bring Your Own (BYO) Design
  9. create a place, never a design (form follows function)
  10. focus on desired effects, not on end result (performative design)